10 Instant Pot Dessert Recipes

Most desserts require too many steps to make frequently without it becoming a hassle. Thankfully this time that’s not an issue. Here I’ll take a look at a few dessert dishes designed to be a frequent indulgence. Most will have a holiday twist and many a bit of apple inspiration but when they are this... Read more →

27 Instant Pot Beef Recipes To Try In 2018

Beef has earned its place at the top of the meat pyramid for good reason. Packing protein and flavor it is definitely the easiest meat to cook. It is extremely forgiving to over and undercooking. It’s also one of the few meats nice enough to have a built in color code for when it’s done!... Read more →

7 Instant Pot Vegetable Soups To Try

Few things in this world are as hearty, healthy, and delicious as vegetable soup. It’s especially a treat in the Instant Pot which eliminates the guesswork in cooking the perfect veggie. Showcasing a fantastic amount of variety we’ll take a look at several different types of vegetable soup that are easy on the wallet and... Read more →

7 Best Instant Pot Cookbooks

It seems almost everyone today owns an Instant Pot or has received one as a gift for Christmas. It’ is not a surprise why. This widely famous kitchen partner for any busy person is very convenient, it cooks food faster, meals come out healthier, and very safe to use even your first-time pressure-cooking dishes. So... Read more →

Top 9 Instant Pot Vegetarian Ideas

A vegetarian diet can be a tricky thing if you’re new to it. Bland flavors and lack of preparation skill can leave those new to this style of eating in a steep unexpected learning curve. Instant pot vegetarian recipes are ideal for this very season! Learning to make new dishes is always a great thing.... Read more →

19 Instant Pot Indian Recipes To Try in 2018

Indian food is delicious but without regularly preparing it can seem difficult. Many at home chefs might completely miss this corner of the culinary world as such. Luckily with the Instant Pot making perfect Indian food has never been easier. Whether you go for the Bluetooth Instant Pot or the Instant Pot Lux, you can’t... Read more →