6 Things: An Update From A Ghoster (Sorry!)

Life’s gotten busy, so I haven’t been able to post as much. I’m still on the plan! Week 1 weigh-in was on Tuesday and I’ve lost 5 pounds so far! I’ve still been cooking, but keep forgetting to take pictures. This week I’ve made chicken stew, skinny enchiladas and black-eyed pea curry (for the new... Read more →

A Little Somethin’-Somethin’

It’s Day 5 over here and I gotta say I’m surprised at how well I’m doing. Not sure what the scale will say, but I feel great. Here was tonight’s treat – beef stew. I noticed that I was really tempted to make “something* on the side like a grilled cheese sandwich. It never occurred... Read more →

Holy Quinoa, Batman!

Behold, the Spanish Quinoa I made last night.  It really hit the spot, especially now that the “carb flu” has kicked in. The carb flu, Google tells me, is when your body goes into shock from not having processed carbs. I’ve been fatigued, headachy and nauseous. But I’ve been pregnant before and know how to... Read more →

So Far, So Good

Feeling a little weird and not sure whether it’s my body getting used to low-carb eating or if I’m coming down with something. Either way, I’ve held strong so far and it hasn’t been that hard. For snacks, the “trail mix” of nuts and dark chocolate chips (just a sprinkle) have helped, as well as... Read more →

How Many Beverages Does It Take …

Today was my first day at work after Christmas. Rather than wait until January 1 to get my act together, I’m so glad I started today. Major life shifts happen all the time with zero regards for what else is going on – why should this be any different? So I got the coffee situation... Read more →

We Need To Figure Out The Coffee Situation

I’m on “brunch” of Day 1 and nailed it with the grilled chicken breast, fruit cup and iced water and lemon. Kicked off the morning with a La Croix (cran-raspberry) and my groceries are set to arrive this afternoon. I can’t wait to try out all of the Instant Loss Week 1 dinners, which include... Read more →

In Which I Quit Most Fun Things Most Of The Time

Starting tomorow and without ceremony, I will be quitting white sugar, white flour and Diet Coke 80% of the time. This is inspired in part by the 80/20 rule and the Instant Loss blog, which I recently discovered. There are also bits and pieces from Weight Watcher’s Simply Filling plan and Hungry Girl. The rules are this:... Read more →