19 Instant Pot Indian Recipes To Try in 2018

Indian food is delicious but without regularly preparing it can seem difficult. Many at home chefs might completely miss this corner of the culinary world as such. Luckily with the Instant Pot making perfect Indian food has never been easier. Whether you go for the Bluetooth Instant Pot or the Instant Pot Lux, you can’t go wrong!

Indian recipes often require kitchen appliances you may not have, which is why I love them for the Instant Pot. Many times while preparing you can simply tap a few buttons instead of using an entirely different utensil.

I feel like after you’ve cooked just a few of these dishes you will permanently add one or more to your regular cooking regime.

These recipes explore everything from steamed dishes to slow cooked meals; useful sides and even sweet desserts. They fully take advantage of the Instant Pot’s usefulness and features in a way which delivers a supple Indian inspired food experience. Looking for vegetarian options? Check out our top vegetable soup recipes and best Instant Pot cookbook picks!

Jeera Rice

Ordinary rice is tasty and easy but not very exciting. This Indian version is simple to make but with a wonderful flavor profile that’s sure to be a hit. Here is a good simple recipe I really enjoy due to its authentic feel.

Pipingpotcurry.com is a wonderful food blog run by an Indian mother and wife. This great site focuses on simple Indian recipes primarily using the Instant Pot.

Featuring Basmati rice, cumin, and onion it’s a twist on traditional rice that’s easy to make but has a large impact on potential dinner options. Make it as a side for chicken to add a clean yet flavorful addition. This take offers some helpful alternatives at the end as well as a video.

Cooking for one? Take a break from the usual and make yourself a healthy less expensive alternative to microwave dinners. Easily tasty enough to stand on its own consider this treat. Filling with easy clean up it shines in multiple roles. For a more specific look into the cooking of the rice check out the recipe.

A fun dish with limitless potential you’re sure to find yourself making it again and again.

Indian Masala Kheema

Something as versatile as the Instant Pot deserves a versatile meal to fit it. I love ministryofcurry’s inspired take on it.

I really enjoy Archana’s writing style and sincerity. It also has the nutrition information right at the bottom for those of you counting calories.

Learning from her mother in India she continues the tradition today cooking for her family and running her blog. Her style is influenced by a wide variety of Indian cooking techniques.

How great would it be to have one recipe where you could simply change the protein and have another meal? That is where the masala finds its strength. You can use chicken, pork, beef, lamb, or create your own spin by adding two together!

This take is a great way to supplement almost any diet. Not only does it contain no gluten, it is keto diet friendly. On top of all of that, it is also compatible with the paleo diet.

A truly versatile dish you should feel free to experiment with meats and vegetables to make it your own. The possibilities with this recipe are limitless. I personally love it with chicken!

Indian style steamed cabbage

A fantastic side dish that truly complements many Indian recipes is steamed cabbage. Use to add some fresh flavor as an ingredient or by itself as a satisfying side. Use the Instant Pot to quickly and perfectly whip up this side in no time flat.

Another ministryofcurry recommendation I feel is a great baseline for a versatile recipe. It showcases a classic but by no means boring style.

Steaming is simply the easiest best way to enjoy vegetables. It cooks them to perfection and maintains the vitamins and nutrients a microwave would destroy. Not to mention every bite is moist and satisfying. Shake up the flavor with this coconut version.

Instantpoteats.com has a really friendly format for choosing just what you’re looking for quickly.

It’s not often a cabbage recipe can get you really excited. I found a great tasting unique southern cabbage recipe that promises a lot and delivers. It features bacon. That alone had me looking forward to cooking this.

Within ten minutes you have perfect cabbage you can use as an ingredient or serve as a side.

Shrimp Biryani

Few things compare to a good shrimp dish. Lean and tasty no list is complete without one. This great shrimp meal comes from none other than ministryofcurry.

I can’t talk enough about how this brings such great taste while being such a clean easy to digest meal. Great for filling up if you don’t want to feel overstuffed later.

If you’re cooking for two I could suggest a smaller version I found. I find it very convenient that you can scale down Biryani without losing any part of the taste.

Myheartbeets.com is run by an Indian wife and mother who uses an endearing writing style that makes reading a pleasure.

I am so glad to have a seafood recipe with a twist I can easily cook. I love seafood but it’s so easy to overcook and loses its tenderness.

These meals guarantee to deliver great shrimp every time. Not to mention children love shrimp so it’s an easy sell while getting to try flavors they might not try otherwise.

With these finds, you can serve a seafood favorite with the Instant Pot.

Indian rice pudding

For a fresh spin on an old favorite, this Indian style rice pudding is sure to put a smile on your face.

Pressurecookingtoday.com has a very professional layout and as you can tell by the name is a great resource for pressure cooking recipes.

Mixing the heartiness of rice with the sweet flavor of a dessert rice pudding is a staple in many cultures. This recipe is only a starting point; you can modify the ingredients you add to more personalize the taste.

In no time you now have a fantastic dessert for after a meal or anytime. I find this so satisfying because few desserts offer the hardiness rice pudding offers.

The Indian style has a variety that’s a fantastic way to experience new twists on an old standard. I personally find the raisin addition charming but you can add whatever you want to make it your own.

I really like the layout and execution of vidhya’s spin on rice pudding. The pictures capture the process so well it’s as effective as a video but in a phone/tablet friendly format.

Butter chicken

This slow cooker recipe is sure to deliver the best Indian style butter chicken you’ve ever had. I love the reliability of this recipe. Perfect and delicious every time it may just become your go-to dinner dish.

Jo runs a homey food blog which touches on an assortment of styles. Preparing for her family this self-taught chef has a very relatable cooking format.

Fill your home with the smell of cooking chicken all day. A slow-cooked meal is a great to set at lunch and be ready in time for dinner. Cooking meat that’s too dry is impossible in a slow-cooker recipe and the chicken here is bursting moisture.

For a healthier take, let’s head on over to superhealthykids for a kid-friendly dish that’s good for them. Once they bite into the chicken even the pickiest eaters will finish their plates.

Few words when put together make a promise like butter chicken. Fear not as these soundly deliver. I especially like the way the butter compliments how the chicken melts in your mouth.

Chicken curry

Perhaps one of the most recognizable Indian dishes is a soild chicken curry. This recipe shines best when prepared as a large meal for any gathering. When you have to feed an army it’s nice to have something where you can confidently cook a large amount while not sacrificing quality.

Paintthekitchenred.com is another food blog which focuses on the Instant Pot using easy and effective delivery.

Serve over steamed rice for an even more filling dinner or with any number of sides to complete a large dinner. Here’s an adventurous dish featuring coconut that promises to hit your entire palette.

For a quick take check out happyfoodstube’s five minute cook time recipe! It really is hard to believe you can cook something so good so fast.

We now have a staple taste of India in the form of a fun to make dinner which is sure to please all who partake. Feel free to mix in different ingredients from different recipes to fully explore just how much you can customize!

This list is by no means exclusive but I feel it highlights both something potentially new with an ease of preparing that makes it fun to get into cooking Indian style.

From sweet treats to spicy eats you can never go wrong preparing these Indian dishes. Filling and fun you can do something different (Or the same!) which you’re sure to love.

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